Using Classified Ads To Bring Traffic To Your Website

People around the world are starting to talk about setting up multiple streams of income. The concept ‘multiple streams of income’ is in vogue, because job security is at an all-time low, and with rising consumer costs, people need another income stream to support their main income. Indeed, the rich often have more than one more stream of income.

Check your e-mail after a couple of minutes as you will be sent a registration notification from the free ad site. If you don’t receive any message from it in your inbox then check also your spam folder. In the message will be provided a link in order to activate your account on the online free list ads for free sites and also all the necessary instructions.

One of the best places to learn about affiliate marketing and to find products to promote is Clickbank. There are literally tens of thousands of products you can choose from.

Pay per click has been around for a long time. But Google has made an art form of it. They let customers set up free accounts, then they charge customers by way of auctioning (or what is the top price they are willing to pay) for positioning of their local classified ads site in the Google Network. For instance, say you are selling toys online. You want it so that anytime someone searches for the expression, “toddler toys” on the Google Network that your ad is displayed on the results page to be clicked on. Your ad might be titled, “The Best Toddler Toys” with two quick description lines and a clickable link to your website.

This step is the most important. So read carefully. At the bottom of your classified ad, include a call to action that links back to your website. What I mean is, after your headline and your content, at the bottom add, “Click here to see prices and our full catalog”. And add a link that goes back to your website. Don’t worry if your site isn’t done. That’s not the point. You’re testing right now. And don’t make the mistake of writing, “Click here for more info”. That’s not a direct call to action. A better way is, “Want to see more products that will help you get (add benefit of what your stuff does for a customer, here), click here”. So in my example, I would put, “To see how a logo will help your business look professional and attract more client’s, click here to visit my site”.

Personalised Ads: You have full control over the looks and position of your ads. You can choose your ads in text or as a widget. Text link ads need less expertise and even an internet newbie can design a text link ad.

You will also have to have the items shipped to you when buying from somebody who lives far away. You should always make sure you have the tracking numbers as proof of shipping and make sure the items are also insured against loss or damage. Wherever you buy the articles from though, free classified ads are an ideal way to find them.

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Using Classified Ads To Bring Traffic To Your Website

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