Five Web Design Mistakes

Five Web Design Mistakes

Some of the most lucrative businesses have a website. Actually, pretty much all of them do. It is important for them to expand their exposure to international markets and the domestic markets.

Using Photoshop, you can create your own website with very little headache. Seriously. I’ve been designing websites professionally for more than 6 years now, and constantly find myself surprised by how much fun it is to do. Taking a simple graphic and transforming it into something people can navigate through is akin to magic.

If your thing is the big picture, working on new deals, juggling and managing different aspects of the marketing mix and coordinating your team, the last thing you need is the distraction of a morning’s PR copywriting. Much better to brief your freelance PR writer, then let them get on with what they do best, while you devote your efforts to the business tasks that are most suited to your unique skills. Allied to this is the question of hourly rates. Chances are that yours is considerably higher than that of a good PR copywriter. Just a thought.

I’m a distributor for two different companies, basically, I’m a customer service rep that fields calls in my home and then I collect a check from the company for the sales that I generated. It’s pretty simple, really, and very profitable. In the eyes of my customers, I AM the company. If I ask my customer who they ordered from, most of them say, “I order directly from the company.” Wow, what a compliment.

The first thing you MUST do is invest in a good website. If you don’t already have one you can pay large amounts of money to a web design company or you can do it yourself. I’ve taken the cheaper route and did my own site. There are many options out there for the money thrifty business people, like me. GoDaddy has a do-it-yourself program called Website Tonight. They provide you with templates and easy step by step, fill in the blanks, type programming. The cost is under $20 a month and if you take your time putting it together, you can even impress those hard to please customers. Note of caution, keep it simple and in plain English. Too many bells and whistles on the website may deter future customers.

We’ve got each of the sections of our website decided and indicated. Now, we need to fill in those spaces and make them look nice. We’re going to start from the top (literally) to make it easy.

Determining your niche is the first step to producing a successful online business. Your business should be built around 1 niche. Your products or services should provide solutions to problems or concerns within your niche. Your site content should provide information about your niche. Creating an online business around your niche helps you rank better at search engines, positions you as an expert, and creates buzz in your industry.

Follow these simple steps and you will be on the path to competing with big companies. It never surprises me how many people think they are calling the corporate office for the companies that I am a distributor for. These few things will set you apart from your competition.

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