Don’t Be A Drip – Identify Water Leaks Early

Don’t Be A Drip – Identify Water Leaks Early

My dryer has been squealing whenever I use it. Squeaking, even. My youngest said the dryer was ‘screaming.’ I decided to see if I could fix the squeal myself, so I opened up my dryer. The problem looked like something I could fix. I spent $13.63 and about one hour of time getting my dryer “un-squeaky.” Compared to the cost of a service call, this DIY repair was well worth my time.

I have another client that has only his hot water softened as he has a restaurant and he wanted to protect his dishwasher. The best ice maker is on its own filter system and so is the espresso machine and coffee maker. So there are numerous ways you can go. Hard, bad, unfiltered water will not only kill the taste of your coffee but will kill your espresso machine and other expensive equipment. Do not overlook this! Ask me how I know!

When replacing your existing filter try to select the same model as before, this should cause all the existing fittings to be the same size and simplify the connection to the replacement filter.

So that’s the problem – wet carpet creates wet drywall which can create mold. Below is a picture of a wall after water had been standing for a long time.

How long is a long time? It’s hard to predict – depends on the carpet, the temperature, how wet it was, etc. Normally by the time the carpet de-laminates you’ve got a black water situation anyway, so the carpet has to go.

Learn early what type of faucet you have and learn how to handle common issues that may arise with it. There are four basic faucet types: compression, cartridge, disc, and ball. If you know ahead of time what you have and how to fix it, you will save yourself some major frustrations down the road.

Lastly, enjoy shopping. Buying a new refrigerator can be time consuming but it doesn’t have to be upsetting. Take your time and get exactly what you want. You don’t want to regret your purchase when it comes to this major appliance. Always, and I can’t say this enough, ALWAYS check out the refrigerator you like most IN PERSON. The internet is great for online research and pictures of refrigerators but you really can not tell if you like the actual item unless you see it in person. You need to touch and open and close and inspect the prospective refrigerator from top to bottom before you decide it’s the one for you.

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