Is Wealthy Affiliate All It’s Cracked Up To Be? Wealthy Affiliate Review

Is Wealthy Affiliate All It’s Cracked Up To Be? Wealthy Affiliate Review

Blogging is pretty cool stuff-I mean, as internet marketing tools go, it’s just exploding! It’s a massive, massive thing that everybody’s doing to get a ton of traffic.

Seriously. I don’t mean just your filing system, I mean everything. One huge time saver that I implemented was organizing my bookmarks, especially the ones related to publicizing my posts. Firefox comes with a Bookmarks Toolbar, which allows you to put frequently accessed bookmarks right there, with no more digging through miles of bookmarks to find the one you want. On the Bookmarks Toolbar you can also place bookmark folders. My strategy is to put all my marketing bookmarks in one folder called “Marketing”, right there on my toolbar. Once I have posted, I click the folder, and click “Open all in tabs”. Voila! All my publicity sites open up, just like ducks in a row. I go through them sequentially, and I am done, often in as little as 10 or 15 minutes.

Sem-theme-pro-ad-2This is one of the reasons why I like both Bluehost and Host Gator. To do this step – phone their customer service department, tell them you want to install a wordpress blog and ask them to talk you through the process, which they will do. In ten minutes flat, you will have your own blog set up and ready to storm the blogosphere with. What I will say is – if you have chosen a different hosting company, make sure they have one click installations for WordPress.

Once all your information is entered, you’re ready to post! Now, when you add a new post you’ll see a Groupon button in the rich text editor menu. Click that button and a window will pop up that lists all the Groupon deals running at the moment.

Tweet This will allow anyone who visits any of your blog posts to click the Tweet This button which goes at the bottom of each of your blog posts and tweet your post using their Twitter Account. This is an automated way to build backlinks to your posts.

A web host, also known as the web server, is company that stores the contents of your web page and provides the capability to post your information on the web. There are numerous web hosting companies to choose from. Some of the top web hosting companies are Go Daddy, HostMonster, and HostGator. Of course, there is a fee associated with webhosting services. However, rather than concentrating on the lowest cost, I suggest scanning through each of the companies’ customer reviews prior to signing up for their services.

Ask yourself these questions and let me know what you come up with! I’d love to personally coach you in one of our classes. If you feel you are ready for something far more intense, my B90x mentor program might be your answer.

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