How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant With No Blooms

How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant With No Blooms

Every type of orchid has different requirements for potting. It is of the utmost importance that you follow the guidelines for a particular orchid. The media for pots can vary to include fir bark, coconut husk, sphagnum moss, tree fern fibers and pertile. Often times the best approach is to take a mixture of two or three of these materials. Without question all orchids potted in your average bark need to be repotted every 18 – 24 months depending on the individual plant. I recommend adding this event to your calendar.

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Keep your Orchids clean. If you are one of those people who goes weeks without cleaning your house, you may not have the right personality for growing lam tre hoa da. In order to be healthy and thriving, orchids need to be clean. In their natural environment, which in most cases is tropical, orchids are cleaned daily by rain showers which get rid of dust and insects. You should wipe the dust and dirt off your orchids at least once a week. Occasionally, you should combine several drops of vegetable oil emulsion insecticide (not mineral oil) with a pint of lukewarm water and sponge it onto the orchid foliage. It will give the plant a polished look and protect it from pest damage.

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This had been a brief overview of orchid species, as the information can be limitless. From dinosaurs to man, the orchid has been cherished by all for its elegance and diversity. Whether you want to simply grow an orchid or use it for medicinal purposes, you will find the perfect orchid species.

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