Credit Cards – Friend Or Foe?

Credit Cards – Friend Or Foe?

How do I repair my bad credit? That’s a question a lot of people are asking nowadays with the economy. There are a lot of people hurting right now due to mistakes they made, or bad things that just happen. I have personally met some people who think their credit issues are hopeless and it will take forever to get good credit. That is completely untrue. The average client of mine can raise their credit score 50-100 points within 90 days.

There had been a trial of Milam and Bryant in the fall of 1955. They were found innocent but later admitted to the murder. Others may have been involved and fifty years later new information was being sought that would allow the re-opening and resolution of Till’s murder.

That same afternoon, after enjoying a cup of tea in her home, the woman began sharing her story of how her own parents hid out the murderers of Emmett Till. She asked that I not divulge her name and I agreed to this request.

Services and discount programs frequently have some sort of expiration date or stipulation that one day makes them worthless. When your travel card only lets you travel the second week of January and you need to go to your cousin’s wedding that week, well there goes your product out the window!

Even a small island place like Vieques could not escape from the property meltdown. The prices have fallen by 15 to 20% during the past couple of years. This has shown signs of recovery during the current year with people looking for a good bargain. Situated away from the mainland, Vieques is a good investment option for those who are looking to get away from the madding crowds of the cities. You can also opt for a vacation home in the Culebra Island or the towns of Isabella and Rincon.

If you’re buying from a dealer ask to see the maintenance record. Also ask for this from an individual selling a car. If they don’t have it, ask for contact information on the previous owner and where any service had been done. When buying from a dealer ask for the Buying Guide, fiscalnote says they have to show it to you.

Well, the Regents of U.C. appealed the September 15 ruling to the State Supreme Court and last Tuesday (December 23) the Supremes agreed to hear the case.

Philip D. Georgiades is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate 01305290. He is the senior Loan Officer of VA Home Loan Centers and is a certified VA Home Loan Expert. Philip has proudly been consulting VA buyers for over 14 years.

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