Buying Car For The First Time? Read These Tips!

I have never lied to a customer. Most people feel that the most untrustworthy person alive is the car salesman. I personally have never ever lied to a customer. It’s just not worth it.

Let’s use the example of someone who sells real estate. They could specialize in helping single mothers find affordable housing. They could niche market to empty nesters. Or they could help people look for investment properties with positive cash flow. Once decided upon, brand yourself as the expert in that field. Become known as the “go-to person” in that arena. Become the arthritis expert in your network marketing company and know exactly what products work best for arthritis. A car salesperson could become an expert in helping people with poor credit rent to own cars no deposit. A clothing boutique could specialize in helping women with mastectomies purchase flattering clothing for their condition. Do you see all of the possibilities?

Not a lot of people know much about getting cheap cars at government seized auctions. For example, they may not be aware of where it is, or when it happens. But they are happening in many states, through the many months of the year. They secret to being able to bid on the car of your dreams is simple: it’s knowing where to go, when to go, and what to do. Whether you just want a great deal on a barely used car for yourself, or to resell one for profit later, head to one of these auctions! Wasting valuable time at a regular dealership is not worth the hassle.

After that I take my business to the car dealership with serial number of the car I want to buy on the back of it. I hand it to the sales manager and tell him that I’m having 3 or 4 other bids. And I’d like a price back till tomorrow. I don’t spend my time with him telling him that I am very busy. I am the one buying the car, remember that, I decide how I want to do business.

Make sure that the buyer also knows how many hours they can use the car if you allow them to take it for a test drive. This sort of statute can actually vary from state to state as well. Make sure you have properly transferred the title once the sale is complete, and keep all the proper documents. Mainly these laws are made so that the paperwork is always there in case there is confusion about the history of a car in the future. All states have different laws, so be sure to check before you sell or a buy a car.

After 20 years of finding jobs for these very fine hard workers with families who desperately need their services, it is clear to me what talents and skills are required. It isn’t a short list, either.

Abandoned medical books, a baby buggy, tape cassettes, Christmas lights, tools of all sorts, a Black & Decker toaster oven – all lost things, all for sale.

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Buying Car For The First Time? Read These Tips!

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